Who is the boss

Once husband & wife ,
decided to toss,
You are my boss or
Am I your boss?

Husband was certain that
he was, with a grin,
But little did he know,
What was the spin?

Wife thought over and
over for that fight,
Not getting solution
She chose to strike.

What could be effect,
You can just guess,
That Wife relaxing and
husband in a mess.

He tried to do laundry
but burnt his T-Shirt,
The house looked clumsy
scrambled one just.

Made an effort to clean
But it all looks crude,
Attempted in kitchen too,
but burn the food,

Begging or pleading
In vain she wouldn’t budge.
He noticed her value,
not need to fudge.

With an empty stomach ,
in hunger at loss,
He came to conclusion ,
That She was the boss.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved

Ajay Amitabh Suman

[IPR Lawyer & Poet] Delhi High Court, India Mobile:9990389539