Who created creator of this creation?

Ajay Amitabh Suman
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There is a small story. Once there was frog inside a well in a well. That Well was surrounded by Huge Bunyan Tree. Because of that huge Bunyan Tree, Frog was unable to see any thing outside the Well. For Frog, Well was universe. On one rainy season, there was heavy rain fall in Village. During that heavy rain fall , a fish of an ocean happened to fall into that small well. Frog welcomed that fish. By passage of time frog and fish developed good friendship. One day Frog desired of knowing the place, from where the Fish Came.

He asked fish, from where she came?

Fish replied that she came from ocean. Frog never heard of ocean.

So he asked, what the ocean looked like?

Fish replied , just like well, but bigger one.

Frog asked how much bigger?

Fish replied, ocean is much bigger that this well.

After opening his both hands wide, frog asked, it is bigger than this?

Fish replied, it is even bigger than that.

Frog, widened his both hands more and asked again, it is like this?

Fish replied, no brother , it is even bigger than that?

Frog indicated his finger towards the big Bunyan tree, looming around the well and asked , it is bigger than this tree?

Fish replied, dear brother, it is even much, much bigger than that?

Now problem was there. No body was there to explain. Frog and fish both were in a fix. Fish was not in position to make her friend understand the vastness of sea. This is because limitation of frog. For frog, whole world was just well. In his opinion, nothing could be bigger than well. Fish could not make him understand the vastness of sea.

The problem of fish and frog was actually problem of paradigm. Frog could not understand the vastness of sea because of his limitation. Frog wanted answer in terms of Well. The understanding could be possible only after paradigm shift.

We are facing the same problem here. Frog was having his own limitation. Frog could not comprehend the vastness of sea. In fact Frog could not have been made to understand. Because sea is much much much larger than well. We are like frog and the person who has realized the ultimate truth, are like fish. Realized person are in great problem to make frog like us, to understand the vastness of sea.

Similar question was asked to Vivekananda that who has created god? Why this universe has been created?

Vivekananda relied, that the whole universe is manifestation of god. God was always there. When the ultimate truth express itself through time, space and causation, the universe is reflected. It is a statement of fact. It is like this. There is no any question that who is the creator? Because in this world, we see everything in terms of cause and effect, hence we also presume that somebody must have created this world. Just like frog, we are trying to get answer in term of our well. But ultimate truth of ocean can not be manifested through the language of Well. There has to be paradigm shift. Vivekananda said that God and this world was always there and would be so in future. The ultimate truth is forever exiting. It is beyond causation.

But how to understand this? It is like this, If some body asks that why 2+2=4? How to reply this question.

Why Sunday comes after Saturday? Can there be any answer to this question. It is a matter of fact. It is a matter of fact that 2+2=4? and Sunday comes after Saturday? Why fish does not fly in the sky?Why Birds can not swim.? Why water evaporates and freezes at particular temperature?Why proton and neutron form part of nucleus of an atom and why electrons encircles the nucleus?Why one falls in love with his girl friend? These questions can not be understood in terms of how and why? We have to accept these things as it is.

Tiger have to kill cow and cow survives on grass. Human baby takes 9 months time to come out of womb. These happens like this. Just like this, it is also a matter of fact that God , the ultimate truth was , is and would always be there. The creator was always there. When ultimate truth projects itself through space, time and causation, we experience this world. God is like cycle and this world is like cycling. Cycling can not be separated from Cycle. God is that kind of cycle, which was always there with his quality of cycling. Hindu says that Shiva and Shakti are two facets of same coin. Shiva is the inert and inactive state of ultimate truth. While Shakti. i.e. maya is the active manifestation of God. Upanishads also explained this fact in this way.

Shankaracharya propounded the philosophy of Non Dualism. He said that God and World are not two separate things. Existence of ultimate truth is ever existing. We experience this world as it is , because of our mis-conception. He gave an example that when one is under fear, he mistakes rope to be snake. But snake was not there. It was always a rope. But because of misconception , rope appeared to be snake.

Similarly, this world is mis-conception of truth by us. We experience this world like as it is, because of our misunderstanding. Fact is that this world do not exists. There always is God. God was always there and it is a fact. It is beyond creation and destruction. It is statement of fact.

This creation comes out of nothing. Even Quantum physics also support this. Now a days even a 6th class boy can tell you that Atom, which is basis element of all being, is comprised of Electron, Proton and neutron. Quantum physics established that even these sub atomic particles are comprised of sub sub atomic particles , which are result of vibration of fundamental strings in a particular way. Scientist explained it as string theory. Then from where these Strings are coming. It is coming out of nothing. Scientist have not explained this so far.

In fact scientist are trying to explain the subjectivity matter by using the tools of objectivity, which is impossible. Creator is a matter of subjective perception and objective tools can not uncover it. If somebody has to experience the ocean, then he has to dive in it. By using scientific tool one can reach the conclusion and ocean is made.of water, which is combination of two hydrogen molecules and one oxygen molecule. But this is not experience of ocean.

Yogananda Paramhansa describes this fact by giving an example. He said that in a dream state, one may think himself to be in war and riding on the horse. One may also see that in War , his hand was cut. Suddenly he wakes up and realizes that his hands are safe. Similarly when Yogi awakens in Enlightenment , He feels this world to be unreal and that world to be real. IN this world , nothing is permanent. Everything is being originated and getting destroyed. While in that world , every thing is forever lasting. All are beyond time, space and causation in the realm of ultimate, where the Yogi Awakens.

This question arises, because we think in term of how, why , when? Neither this universe was created, nor any creator was there. The ultimate truth was always there. This universe is in fact illusion. It can be understood from this example.

Stars are always there in the sky. But during day time they do not appear. When Sun disappears, in dark night, stars appears. Sun and Stars are always there. Its only because of illusion, we can not see stars in the sky during day time. Similarly ultimate truth and this universe are always existing. It only because of our illusion, we experience this unreal world, this creation. You can love someone with a particular face. It may be your girlfriend. But love was always there. Love can not be a noun. In fact it is an experience. Just like one should not use the term God for creator. In fact it is an experience of ultimate bliss. When a Yogi attains the Samadhi, he perceives this knowledge that truth, the creator is bliss, and it was always there.




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