Ajay Amitabh Suman
2 min readOct 16, 2018



When a man keeps on committing sins, then he develops this idea that godhood is not meant for him. But truth is contrary. Whatever crime a man has committed, howsoever grave his crime is, there is always possibility of a man to evolve spiritually and unite with god. ANGULIMALA was a Dakoit and killed 999 persons. Still, in company of Lord Buddha, he attained nirvana. This poem is based on the idea of possibility of a man to get enlightened, irrespective of his indulgence in sin and crime. The door of God is open for all, even for criminals.

It does not matter,

how much you eat,

Scolded the poor,

and beaten the weak.

So what in life,

often you lie.

Always talk non-sense,

without a shy.

It also not matter,

you cheated them all.

Who trusted you high,

You made them to fall.

He knows all of,

desires your deed.

That on the ground,

you grow only weed.

But such his heart,

and such is his ways,

With pity in eyes,

The God always says.

What matters O’ dear,

whenever you seek,

God always is there,

But you never meet.

The Jesus is there,

and Buddha in you,

But you have to say,

the Evil bid adieu.




Ajay Amitabh Suman

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