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Now a days it has been becoming a fashion statement on the social media to blame Lord Krishna. Every one is presenting Lord Krishna as per his own perception and convenience. Recently , I have come across an article on my whatsapp, forwarded by one of my friend, in which Lord Krishna has been presented in a very negative manner. I am just reproducing the the summary of that article. The article indicated Lord Krishna with the following attributes.

A man, who had stolen clothes of nude young women, who were taking bath openly in river, after putting their clothes on the trees.

A boy, who stolen the milk and butter of milkmaid.

A man, who fallen in love with Radha and then deserted her forever for whole of her life.

A man, who made love with many young women of Mathura, and played Raas Leela with them.

A man, known as King of Yoga, married 16,000 women.

A King, defeated by his arch enemy King Jarasandha and taken the title of Ranchod (A man who ran away from war field in the fear of defeat).

A man, who left Mathura and Vrindavan under the threat of Jarasandha and went to Dwarka.

A man , who Deceived Duryodhana many times.

A man who , at the beginning of Mahabharata war, killed the warrior Barbareek without any warning.

A man who, Before commencement of Mahabharata war, taken an oath, that he would not raise weapon during the war. However when he saw that Bhishma was killing army of Pandava, he did not hesitate in Breaking his oath and raised arm against Bhisma

A man , who married Rukmini after kidnapping her.

Lord Krishna was also criticized for this fact that he helped Arjun in kidnapping his sister Subhadra.

Krishna was also very much instrumental in killing of Bhishma Pitamah, Dronacharya, Karn, Duryodhana, Shishupal, Jayadrath after playing treachery and practicing wrongful means.

This article was nothing but reflects the tainted mindset of the author. Sun is rising every day in the morning and radiating his light with brilliance. But if some one closes his eyes and declares the non existence of Sun, then it is his fault and not the fault.Sun.

It is true that these days social media is playing very important role in dissemination of knowledge. However, this fact can also cannot be ignored that many people are using social media as a tool for spreading negative information. Lord Krishna has been projected as a villain, which has to be condemned.

Before writing something about Lord Krishna, let me admit that no one can tell anything accurately about him.He is beyond knowledge, beyond perception, beyond limit. After admitting my inability to pen him, I am trying to dispel the doubts about Lord Krishna.

It is true that in his childhood he stolen the clothes or girls who were bathing in a Pond Openly without any clothes. But that was only meant to teach lesson to them that they should not bath publicly in a pond without any clothes. Why people do not remember this fact that during the course of chir Haran of Draupadi (When an attempt was made to undress Queen Draupadi), it was only Lord Krishna who restored her self respect and dignity?, while all others so called wise men in the Court were merely a mute spectator.

Lord Krishna played Raas Leela with many young women. However he was known as Yogiraj. In fact he was not in need of any woman. He made love with women only out of Mercy and only with a view to appease their thirst of love.

He, of course loved Radha very much. However he was also aware of this fact that in coming future , he had to perform many up heal task for the benefit of society. This is the reason why he left Radha, even though he loved her much. Such was his love for Radha, that whenever we go in any temple, we always find the statue of Radha Krishna but not the Statue of Rukmini Krishna.

How one can forget the story of Krishna and Sudama. In Mahabharata, there is story of friendship of Dronacharya and Draupad at one hand. On the other hand, there is story of Krishna and Sudama. Draupada , after becoming king, forgotten his promise given to his friend Dronacharya at the young age. While Krishna not only kept his promise given to his child friend Sudama but also given him lots of wealth. Draupada rebuked his friend Dronacharya, when Dronacharya approached him, after him becoming the kind. On the other hand, when childhood frined Sudama approached King Krishna, not only Krishna forgotten his status as a king, but also made Sudama to sit at his place. What a humble man Krishna was?

Lord Krishna is also blamed for this fact married 16,000 women. Fact is that those 16,000 women enslaved by demon Narkasur. When Lord Krishna killed demon Narkasur, he married all those 16,000 enslaved women only in order to restore their dignity.

When Lord Krishna was stealing the milk and butter of other women, or playing trick with them,It was only out of sympathy and love for them. Those women always enjoyed company of Lord Krishna. When Lord Krishna played flute, not only he hypnotized the woman, but also the cows and peacocks.

People also laughed at Lord Krishna that he was fearful of Jarasandha. People perceived that lord Krishna left Mathura only in awe of Jarasandha. Krishna was aware of future. He was aware that Jarasandha had to be killed by Bhima. Krishna never desired to interfere the course of destiny. Can one forget that in his childhood he killed many dangerous demons like Putana, Kaliya Serpent etc. Even at one point of time he subdued the ego of Indra by lifting Mountain Goverdhan at his little finger. Why such a strong person be fearful of Jaraasandha. This is just tainted perception of krishna.

When he left Mathura and went to Dwarka, he wanted to leave a lesson in the public at large that one should not be obsessed with idea of winning everything. He was aware that in case he would fight Jarasandha army, many of his innocent people would die. In order to save the innocent people, he left Mathura and went to Dwarka. He was also aware that Jarasandha was destined to be killed by Bhima. He honored the cycle of destiny and opted not to disturb it by killing Jarasandha himself. He did not mind that people will laugh at him in this regard. He taught the lesson subduing the ego of a man. He was so playful that win and loss was equal for him. He was not worried at all that what people would tell him, when he would ran away from battle field.

Krishna kidnapped Rukmini and also helped his sister Subhadra in eloping with Arjuna as he was fervent supporter of love. When he became aware of this fact that Rukmini loved him and she was forcefully going to get married against her her desire. Then he rightly kidnapped and married her. Similarly when he also became aware of this fact that his sister Subhadra loved Arjuna, then he helped his sister Subhadra in getting eloped with Arjuna even against the desire of his elder brother Balrama. There is nothing tat wrong in this act.

This is true that before the commencement of Mahabharata war, Krishna taken an oath, not to raise weapon. But he broken his oath only in order to show that victory of truth is important and not the victory of oath. In fact he had to teach a lesson to Bhishma Pitamah, who did not utter even a single word during the course of Chir-Harana of Draupadi(the evil attempt of undressing Queen Draupadi) because of his attachment to own oath.

Krishna always tricked and deceived Duryodhana many times. This was because Duryodhana always followed the path of trickery. In his childhood Duryodhana tried to kill Bhima by poisoning him. Duryodhana again tried to kill the Pandavas by deceiving them and tried to burn them alive. Such kind of man never deserved mercy from the Krishna.

Krishna was always aware of this fact that Barbarik, Bhishma Pitamah, Karna, Dronacharya etc were all good people. But since all of them we are against the path of truth, they were killed with the help of Krishna. Truth was the ways of Pandavas. Krishna main goal was to restore the rule of law. The rule of truth and righteousness.

How one can be skeptical about the power and wisdom of Krishna. During the course of Rajsuya Yagya, it was Bhishma Pitamaha who proposed the name of Lord Krishna as most venerable person. When Lord Krishna killed Shishupal in front of all the warriors, nobody mustered courage to confront Lord Krishna.

The great wisdom of Lord Krishna reflected at the beginning of Mahabharata when Arjun got confused. At that time world witnessed Lord Krishna imparting knowledge in the form of talk of Geeta, in which essence of all knowledge and philosophy of the world is manifested in true sense.

During the course of Geeta Discourse, Lord Krishna manifested huge form to Arjuna. In that huge form Arjuna saw all the god, demi gods, demons, stars, planets, galaxies , which were originating and getting destroyed in Lord Krishna. All the constellations of stars were originating from him and dissolving in him.

Greatness of Lord Krishna is also manifested from the story of Barbarik. At the beginning of Mahabharata, Lord Krishna placed the head of Barbarik at the top of the mountain so that he could witness the whole Mahabharata.

After Mahabharata was over, dispute arose amongst the Pandavas regarding their role in Mahabharata. Arjuna was saying that without him, Bhishma, Karna could not have been defeated. While Bhima was praising himself as he killed all 100 Karavas, including Jarasandh and and Duryodhana. Yudhishthir was also equally proud of his righteousness. So were Nakul and Sahdeva. At last all of them went to Barbarik to take his view regarding the most able person in Mahabharata.

Barbarik stated to laugh after hearing that question.He replied , I saw only Krishna in whole Mahabharata. It was Krishna who killing. It was Krishna who was being killed. The Mahabharata was nothing but the manifestation of absolute in the human form as Krishna.

What ever Arjuna was able to accomplish during the Mahabharata War, it was because of Krishna only. After the death of Krishna, when Arjuna was returning with many women from Dwarka, he was unable to protect them from the attack of robbers. Arjuna and Pandavas were nothing without Krishna. It was in fact Krishna, who made Pandavas to win.

When Ashwtthama thrown Brahmashtra on Prikshit and kill the boy, when he was in the womb of his mother uttara, it was Shri Krihsna, who made Prikshit alive from the door of lord of death. Such great was chanting effect of flute of Krishna, that not only young women, but also cows, peacocks used to get mesmerized.

How can we forget the story of child Krishna. Once Yashoda got suspicion that child Krishna had eaten soil. She insisted and ordered Krishna to open his mouth. After much insistence, when Krishna opened his mouth, Yashoda saw Suns, Stars, Galaxies etc in the mouth of child Krishna and became unconsciousness. All these evidences reaffirms that it was the absolute , the god, the whole existence itself who incarnated itself in the human form as Krishna. There can not be any iota of doubt in this regard.

How one can pen down the glory of Krishna on paper. The one who is omniscient, omnipresent, all pervading, the unlimited, the infinite , can not be described on the paper. I am trying to do the futile exercise. The persona of Lord Krishna is beyond description.

It is the mindset of a person, how he perceives Lord krishna. Krishna is a Yogi, A King, A teacher, A dancer, A lover etc at at the same time. Lord Krishna is manifesting all the opposites of the existence in a complete manner. He can be considered as Yogiraj (the Kind of Yoga) and Bhogiraj (the kind of desire) both. It depends upon the spiritual evolution of the man,how he perceives lord Krishna.




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