In case Death Comes to you by Chance

Life is extremely uncertain and so is the death. As a man can not decide his time of death, his parents , similarly we also do not know as to when our time has come tell this world a good buy. We do not and cannot have any control over the Timing of our Death but certainly on the quality of Death. Still we can choose what kind of death we are destined for. God has provided us an opportunity to turn this misfortunate incident into delight by gifting our organ post death, to some one, gifting a life. This act of donating our organs to some one , post our death, we can still see this world , through others body. We are having option to outlive our life and death too.

How many of us would like to Die?

I think for certain, No would be reply.

But in case happens only by chance,

Just I’m guessing asking in advance.

As none of us is having any control,

One day, but certain death be on roll.

For time of death, uncertain unknown,

But you can rejoice no time to groan.

God has given this freedom to you,

Have option to cheer your death too.

f you decide for gifting someone a life,

Post death, donating organs to survive.

This Choice of gifting organs post death.

Makes you stronger in facing the wrath.

And Goddess of death shall also be shy,

Salute you surely if this option you Try.

Ajay Amitabh Suman:

All Rights Reserved




[IPR Lawyer & Poet] Delhi High Court, India Mobile:9990389539

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Ajay Amitabh Suman

Ajay Amitabh Suman

[IPR Lawyer & Poet] Delhi High Court, India Mobile:9990389539

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