Do the Soul Procreate?

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Every body Knows that the Population of the Human has been increasing every day. In the Year 2016, the total Global Human Population was estimated as 6.9 Billion approximately. The total Human Population rose up to 7.6 Billion approximately in the year 2017.The total human population of the world is growing sharply. The birth rate of the Human Population is approximately 15,000 man every hour. While the death rate of human population is 6316 man per hour. The birth rate and the death rate of the total global population is as per data available in the year 2017.

This data clearly shows that human population of the world is increasing approximately at the rate of 14,400 human every hour.It is a well known fact that every individual human being is possessed of single Soul. It has been repeatedly claimed in various religious books (not referred here in order to avoid any conflict) that one man is in possession of single soul. In other words, it can be said that every individual human needs one Soul.

Now as the Human Population is increasing at the rate of 14,400 human per hour. It means that 14,400 humans are being added to the total Human Population per hour. So by necessary implication it can be safely presumed that 14,400 new Souls per hour are also required to be added to total human population.

Just for example , let us assume that there is a room , where three people are sitting. Every man needs one Shirt and One Paint. If one people is being added each hour in the room, then certainly one extra pair of Shirt and Paint is needed each hour.Similarly if the total human population is increasing at the rate of 14,400 per hour at the Earth, it means there is need of 14,400 souls every hour at the Earth in order to fulfill the requirement to extra added human body.

Now the question which perturbs my mind is that human population is increasing by Biological process of procreation. One human body is out come of sexual intercourse of a couple. The human body is generated because of the act of procreation of a male and and a female. Then do the Soul also procreate like the human do?

But problem is that in the religious text it has been explained that in this world, sexual activity is possible. For a sexual activity , human body is needed. It is said that the Soul never indulge in sexual activity. In fact the Soul are incapable of indulging in sexual activity as they do not have physical body. Then it is a matter of surprise, how new Souls are being generated in order to fulfill the demand of added human population?

What is the process of growth in population of Human Souls. Human Soul and Human Body are separate. By sexual activity, two human individual (a male and a female) give birth to a new human body but they do not give birth to a Human Soul. It is said that when one sperm successfully penetrates the ovum, then the process of formation of an embryo begins. But it never initiates the process of formation of new human Soul. First process of process of formation of an embryo begins and then enters a Soul in body.

When a Soul enter into the embryo from Spirit World, there is small spark in the Spirit World. This has been explained by great Indian Saint Yogananda Paramhansa. It is clear that Soul is different from body. So has been claimed by Lord Krishna in Bhagvat Geeta. Body perishes but Soul is eternal. Thus Soul is different from Human Body. A Soul has independent existence.

It is claimed by Yogananda Paramhansa that “At the moment of conception,” he replied. “When the sperm and ovum unite, there is a flash of light in the astral world. Souls there that are ready to be reborn, if their vibration matches that of the flash of light, rush to get in. Sometimes two or more get in at the same time, and the woman has twins, triplets, or even — well! “It is important, therefore, to come together physically with an uplifted consciousness. That flash generated in the astral world reflects the couple’s state of consciousness, especially as they felt during the moment of physical union.

As each human body requires a Soul, then increasing human Population also requires growth in population of Soul. The Human Body increased itself by sexual activity of procreation , then Question arises, how does the population of corresponding human Soul is increasing?

Is it like that the Soul also procreate? Is that the Soul also indulge itself in sexual activity?? Religious Text refute such theory. Then how demands of new Souls for increasing human population are being met by the God?

This can also not be said that Soul of animal, plant or bird are being converted into the Human Soul. This can only be possible when the total population of plant, animal and birds should proportionately decrease, corresponding to increase in human population. But there is no such evidence.

Then this question remain to be answered, as to how the the Human Soul population is increasing as per the demand of increasing population of Human. What is the Process? Do Soul procreate or there is any other process of formation/generation of Soul? Do Soul multiply itself like Amoeba, Hydra or like a cell? This is the question which is a matter of debate and evidence. I am writing this article as this question is perturbing me. If somebody can answer this question, It would be of a great help.

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