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3 min readFeb 22, 2021

I was sitting and working in the office. During discussion, my colleague friend Atul ji said that apart from writing poetry and story, I should also try to do some good in the society. There should be some reformation in the society. Change in mindset of people is need of hour.

I said, change is the law of the nature. It keeps on happening. If I change myself, that’s enough.

Atulji said, everyone is talking , writing and reading about the change, but very few people are able to make efforts for the change, they talk.

I said, brother, why are you trying to satisfy your ego by talking about social reformation again and again?

Atul ji said, I am talking about helping someone, improving someone’s condition. I am talking about this change. Where did the question of appeasement of ego come from?

I said, brother, you bring changes in society in your own way, I am trying to bring the change by writing in my own way.

After all, not all men are equal.

Pausing for a few moments, I asked, well, please explain to me what kind of change you are talking about?

Atul ji said, this morning he was coming by car. Petrol was less in the car. There was a petrol pump nearby. Since oil was low in car, so he stopped at the petrol pump to fill petrol. There was a long queue.

Certainly he noticed that a 10–12 year old boy started cleaning the glass of his car with a dirty cloth. Atul ji told that due to Corona time, he got annoyed at the child and started to drive him away.

I also said, you did the right thing. During the time of Corona, you should stay away from them.

Atul ji said, listen, brother. He continued to say, the beggar boy stooped, then started to clean the other’s car. The colleague said that almost all the caravans were mistreating him.

Meanwhile, his car number came. He filled up the oil in the car and started moving ahead with the car.

Suddenly he observed , that 10–12 year old boy was sitting on the roadside disappointed with a 7–8 year old girl.

Atul ji said, the disappointment of both of them was not seen by him. His heart filled with pity for them. He started going to both of them. That boy started going away from fear of being scolded. Somehow the Atul Ji reached out to him and inquired about them. It was revealed that both his mother and father are mentally challenged. It was that kid , which were looking after the family after doing such pity work and begging.

Atul ji further said, he gave 50–50 rupees to both and went ahead.

He said, is it not the responsibility of the government to do something for such poor ones? If the government does nothing, then does it not become our responsibility to do something that will do good for these poor one?

I was speechless.

Atul ji took a deep breath and said , after all beggars are not alike.

Ajay Amitabh Suman



Ajay Amitabh Suman

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