A Rise or Fall

A boy is just like a mirror, who mirrors the notion of others feeded in him about him.

If you raise him with affection and love,
He Wins the all and Rises above.
And If you scold him with hatred, dislike,
Defeated one he is a looser belike.

He is tormented, annoyed, in grief,
Heartbroken, in misery, No passion, No lief.
But blossoms in desert and rough terrain,
and care sympathy set free him from pain.

He can crush hurdle with his fist and bust,
But beforehand your trust in him must.
If you place reliance on action, his deed,
Then for him Nothing impossible indeed.

Since cruel words ignited with roar,
Makes his heart numb, frozen and soar.
If he is in fear and you treat him well.
He gets stronger this I have to tell.

Since boy and a mirror are truly alike,
As Mirror reflects the image the light.
He also give back the notion of all.
What you put to boy, a rise or fall?

Ajay Amitabh Suman: All Right Reserved

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