A Donkey and A Lady

Ajay Amitabh Suman
2 min readFeb 19, 2023


Once, was a donkey,
so silly so slow,
In wisdom of his,
He saw a wierd show.

In garden he noticed,
A lady tall, fair,
Her hair in braids ,
that woven with care.

And braid of lady long,
Hung from her head,
He thought was a tail,
so he brayed and said.

O Lady why do you,
keep such a long tail?
Behind your head,
What a cocktail?

O lady, young lady,
Your tail gone wrong,
Does not look simple,
Just sounds a gong.

Do you know value of,
tail , back of waist,
Though looks so funny,
But Not thing to waste.

With tail on the back,
one can swat a fly,
Can calm a kid with,
tail when he cry.

Keep down ,in fear,
in anger can smack,
Can clean the garbage,
with tail at the back.

Lady, O lady, please,
don’t take offense,
Your tail, so funny, it,
doesn’t make sense.

Hearing this, lady with,
a roll of her eyes,
Replied “O Donkey,
why do you surprise?

And then she laughed
and shook her head,
This question so silly,
O Donkey, she said.

Imagine the walking,
with tail so long,
You trip and stumble,
all the day along.

And this is my braid,
The beauty encase.
Not tail that hangs ,
no honor no grace.

Dance of strands that,
sway with its move,
It’s crown of glamour ,
that I proudly approve.

Braid can be sign of,
Elegance and art,
With different designs,
This set you apart.

Why do you match this,
Braid with your tail?
It’s just like relating,
a feather to a snail.

and then she laughed,
and shook her head,
Donkey observed her,
and brayed with dread.

He thought for a while,
scratched his chin,
Perhaps you’re right,
And it would be sin.

My tail at the back,
So long and thick,
It might just make me,
look quite sick.

and he felt guilty for
the way he behaved,
He walked up to lady
said sorry and brayed.

And took life’s lesson,
he never forgot,
Not fair in judging,
a book by its knot.

Ajay Amitabh Suman
All Rights Reserved



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